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Vice-chancellor's Fellow Tigist Grieve welcomes Dr Helen Pankhurst to Bristol

21 August 2019

Dr Helen Pankhurst, a descendant of suffragette leaders Sylvia and Emmeline Pankhurst, will chart how women’s lives have changed over the last century at a free public lecture organised by the University of Bristol on Friday, 11 May 2018.

Vice-chancellor's Fellow Dr Tigist Grieve, from the School of Education at the University of Bristol, said: "We are delighted that Dr Helen Pankhurst is coming to speak at our University at this time of significant celebration of women in the UK winning the right to vote 100 years ago.

"Helen is a global figure who champions social justice issues both as a scholar and as a practitioner. In all of her work, we can trace the intergenerational transfer of the Suffragettes' spirit and commitment to social justice.

"Not only will Helen explore what women have achieved in the last 100 years, but she will be looking at the issues faced by women - such as the gender pay gap and representation in parliament - both in the UK and globally."

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