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FMVS best dissertation award Emily Barker

The best research dissertations produced by postgraduate students in each of Bristol University’s six faculties have been announced.

The worthy recipients, selected for the exceptional quality of their research work, have each been awarded a cash prize and a certificate of commendation in recognition of the honour.

One winner is selected from each faculty by members of the Research Degrees Examination Board, which oversees the exam process for research awards. 

Faculty of Medical and Veterinary Sciences - Dr Emily Barker from the School of Veterinary Science

Dr Barker’s thesis provided cutting-edge information about haemotropic mycoplasmas, a parasitic bacteria, which cause haemolytic anaemia in mammals. She used molecular methods of analysis to understand the pathogenic organisms. Dr Barker’s work has provided veterinary surgeons dealing with canine haemoplasma cases with the tools to diagnose and monitor infection, enabling optimum care to be provided.


Professor Nick Lieven, the Pro Vice-Chancellor for Education, said: “Each of the winners has made an outstanding contribution in their chosen field of research.  It is always an enjoyable task looking through the best research dissertations and being reminded of just how talented our postgraduate students are. 

“The quality of their research is really exceptional, gaining recognition and making an impact through being published and presented at conferences both nationally and internationally.”


Further details about the award can be found on the university news page:

Top six postgraduate students honoured for research excellence