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Dr John Bradshaw


My current focus is in making the science of cat and dog welfare accessible to pet owners, through books, articles, radio and television.  My latest book, CAT SENSE, was published in 2013 in both the UK and the USA, and featured in the non-fiction best-seller lists in both countries: it has been translated into Dutch, Finnish, German, French (Canadian), Polish and Japanese, and is being translated into Russian, Spanish and Turkish.  Together with Professor Alan Wilson of the Royal Veterinary College and Dr Sarah Ellis of the University of Lincoln, I appeared in the BBC Horizon TV programmes “The Secret Life of the Cat” and “Little Cat Diaries”, which drew record audiences when first broadcast in the summer of 2013: the same team put together a further three-part series for BBC2 TV that aired in October 2014.  In the USA, I was featured in a 2014 NBC Dateline documentary "Pets: Their Secret Lives", and in Canada, in "The Lion in Your Living Room", shown in CBC's "The Nature of Things with David Suzuki" series, in January 2015.  I'm currently involved in filming a programme for Spiegel TV in Germany.


Cat Sense

My previous book, DOG SENSE/IN DEFENCE OF DOGS (2011), was also a best-seller in both the UK and the USA, and has been translated into Dutch, German, Polish, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Finnish, Czech, Japanese and Korean. TV appearances in 2013, 2014 and 2015 included “The Wonder of Dogs” (BBC2) “Dogs: Their Secret Lives” (Channel 4) and "The Dog Factory" (BBC One).  Feature articles have included Great Thinkers on Dogs in "The BARk" magazine (USA).

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I also occasionally write for magazines, including BBC Focus/Wildlife/Countryfile, Your Cat, and New Scientist.  I am a contributor to Catwyse, an online course for cat owners.

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Upcoming/recent public events:

Dateline NBC The Secret Lives of Pets, with Hoda Kotb, September 11th 2014
BBC2 TV Cat Watch 2014, October 7th/8th/9th 2014
FECAVA (GTVMT Symposium) Munich, Germany, 7th-8th November 2014
Folkestone Book Festival, Saturday 22nd November 2014
Canada: CBC TV "The Lion in Your Living Room" January 15th 2015
BBC One TV (Scotland): The Dog Factory April 15th 2015
APBC Webinar "Domestication of the Dog and Cat" May 19th 2015

Podcasts, articles etc

The Guardian: Comment February 16th 2015: What is this dog thinking?
Dogs: Their Secret Lives
- Aggression   Channel 4 TV, 26th August 2014
Yahoo! Daily Shot with Ali Wentworth, March 2014
BBC Radio 4  Show Me the Way to Go Home, broadcast 1st January 2014
Dogs: Their Secret Lives (TV - Channel 4, October 2013)
NPR: Fresh Air with Terry Gross (cats - September 5th 2013)
Focus magazine podcast September 2013
BBC Radio 4 Dog Days (July 2013)
BBC4 TV: Woof: A Horizon Guide to Dogs (March 2012)
Microphilosophy - with Julian Baggini and Prof Christine Nicol (January 2012)
Guardian Science podcast, with Alok Jha (August 2011)
NPR: Fresh Air with Terry Gross (dogs - May 2011)