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Publication - Dr Andrew Butterworth

    BASN Conference Glasgow April 2018


    Butterworth, A, 2018, ‘BASN Conference Glasgow April 2018’., pp. 1-2


    Breeding, mating, rearing, stud, propagation, replication, procreation, crossing, crossbreeding, joining, merging, serving, servicing, tying, fertilising, interbreeding, coupling, matching, copulation, pure-breeding. For many animals, especially mammals, the act is fundamentally the same as in humans, but we use a different language in the farming and ‘breeding’ world, and focus on the outputs and outcomes and not on the act. We dress descriptions in a technical and terminological coat, which refocuses on the biological and productively economic. We almost bypass the emotional, physical, aspects for animals. What does this tell us about how we see animals?

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