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Dr Emily Blackwell


Recognising that researchers working in veterinary science have an ethical obligation to make their research findings widely known and acted upon, Emily shares the benefits of her work through extensive public engagement, working with dog owning members of the public, charities and regulators. Her first significant media project was in 2013 when she became involved with the long running Channel 4 series, Dogs: Their Secret Lives, a series about dogs, their owners and the problems that they can sometimes encounter together! The great thing about this unique series was that it explored these issues scientifically, as well as providing helpful tips for owners 


Since then Emily has been involved both on and off screen on a variety of different programmes about companion animals, from those focusing on the importance of the early weeks of life in determining adult behaviour, such as The Secret Lives of Puppies and Kittens (Ch5) and Puppy Secrets: The First Six Months (ITV), to documentaries portraying the natural history of dogs, Dogs: The Untold Story (Discovery International) and most recently Me and My Dog: The Ultimate Contest and Countryfile Spring Diaries for BBC2.