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Dr Ginny Gould

Dr Ginny Gould

Dr Ginny Gould
RVN, B.Sc.(W.England), Ph.D.(Bristol)

Senior Research Associate

Area of research

Research Project Management

Office D.40/D.49 or Room D.60
Dolberry Building,
Langford, Bristol BS40 5DU
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+44 (0) 117 323 6187


I am currently Project Manager for the OH-STAR project which takes an interdisciplinary One Health approach drawing researchers from different disciplines and backgrounds together to examine human, veterinary and environmental health. 

The interlaced studies that form this project will provide much needed data about management changes that might reduce antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in animals and in humans. They are designed to address the fundamental question of whether zoonotic transmission is of particular significance as a driver of AMR in people relative to antimicrobial drug use in human health. 


I graduated from the University of the West of England  with a BSc (Hons) in Applied Microbiology as a mature student following a career in Veterinary Nursing. I then went on to complete my PhD at the University of Bristol, studying the control of expression of antibiotic resistance genes in the gram-negative opportunistic pathogen, Stenotrophomonas maltophila.  I continued this work in my first post-doc position before a change of direction to a project investigating 'Student Learning Outcomes from Work Placements' with an interdisciplinary team at the University of Bath. I then moved back to the University of Bristol, working in clinical research within the Academic Rheumatology group working on and coordinating a number of different projects with a diverse group including researchers from a number of different organisations and disciplines.

In my current role I bring together my experience of working with interdisciplinary groups, my background in veterinary practice and my diverse range of research skills to ensure smooth running of the OH-STAR project. My work includes designing study questionnaires, data management, setting up protocols and procedures, study governance and liaising with collaborators. 

Activities / Findings

I am working on the OH-STAR project, which takes an interdisciplinary One Health approach drawing researchers from different disciplines and backgrounds together to examine human, veterinary and environmental health.  

In this project we are identifying what drives acquisition of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in animals using E. coli as the exemplar bacterium and dairy cows and dogs as exemplar farmed and companion animals. We are testing whether AMR bacteria encountered by an animal as it interacts with the environment influences the AMR bacteria in its faeces, and/or whether early life antimicrobial use plays a part in selection of AMR bacteria in animals.

We are also testing whether reducing antimicrobial use in dairy cows actually does reduce AMR in the near-farm environment that is contaminated with their faeces. We are testing whether exercising in these contaminated near-farm environments influences the abundance of AMR bacteria in dogs, and whether there is any evidence of direct acquisition of AMR E. coli by dogs from near-farm environments, which might be brought into the home.

Finally, we are investigating whether the abundance of AMR in E. coli from human UTI reduces as less antimicrobial drugs are prescribed in primary care, whether living close to a farm affects the abundance of AMR in these UTI E. coli and whether there is direct evidence for E. coli carried by dogs or found in near-farm environments contaminated by cattle faeces causing UTIs in humans.


Recent publications

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