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Risk Factors and Solutions

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We define husbandry risk factors and develop practical solutions for existing and emerging welfare problems.

This objective is the very core of the work that we do. It is the process of identifying and prioritising animal welfare problems and then working towards strategies for their amelioration.

What are we doing at the moment?
 We are currently working on approaches to improve many of the welfare problems we, and others, have identified. These problems include:-
Bone weakness in laying hens
Leg disorders in broilers
Welfare at stunning and slaughter – all species, in particular at present fish and poultry
Tail biting in pigs
Lameness in cattle
Injurious pecking in laying hens
Fin erosion in farmed trout
Water quality in farmed trout
Housing improvements for caged rats, mice and rabbits, and kennelled dogs
Transport and handling – unbroken ponies and slaughter weight cattle
Welfare of working Equidae
Welfare of re-homed dogs and cats
To achieve this, we work in collaboration with other groups with the necessary complementary skills, facilities, and geographical placement to ensure the success of projects. This includes a wide range of collaborators within the UK and collaborators in Denmark, the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand and Norway.

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Professor William Browne
Director - Centre for Multilevel Modelling