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Small Animal Medicine

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The Small Animal Medicine group comprises a number of clinicians investigating multiple aspects of canine and feline medicine.

Feline Medicine

Feline medicine clinical research is very active. Dr Séverine Tasker works in the Feline Centre and is involved with a research group specializing in feline infectious diseases (especially haemoplasma, coronavirus and retroviral infections) and haematological disorders. Séverine works closely with Dr Chris Helps and other members of the Diagnostic Laboratories at Langford Vets. Work carried out includes the development of novel molecular diagnostic assays for infectious agents and determining effective treatment plans for diseases such as feline haemoplasmosis. Professor Tim Gruffydd-Jones and Dr Chris Helps are involved in international studies looking at genetic causes of inherited diseases, susceptibility to complex diseases and development of novel molecular diagnostic assays. Feline endocrinology is another focus of feline medicine clinical research with Angie Hibbert heading work investigating feline hyperthyroidism, in particular looking at the presence of co-morbid disease in hyperthyroid cases and evaluating attitudes to, and efficacy of, treatment of this feline endocrine problem, which is commonly seen in the Feline Centre.  Additionally studies to improve the welfare of hospitalised cats are also carried out in collaboration with the Animal Behaviour and Welfare and Anaesthesia and Analgesia and groups.  Christina Maunder is involved in feline gastroenterology research and investigating potential causes of neutrophilic inflammatory bowel disease. Christina is working with Dr Tristan Cogan and his expertise in microbiological diagnostic techniques.

Clinical canine gastroenterology

Clinical canine gastroenterology research is led by Professor Ed Hall who works in Small Animal Hospital and includes work looking at antibiotic resistance in dogs and the importance of behavioural traits and novel dietary components in canine gastrointestinal disease. Such work is important to direct future treatment regimes for canine gastroenterological cases. The canine medicine team are also interested in various aspects of porto-systemic shunts, for example the coagulation abnormalities seen in these cases, and working with the University of Edinburgh to further understand the pathophysiology of hepatic encephalopathy. 

More information about the research interests, ongoing projects and publications can be found by clicking on the names of individuals below.

Senior Members of Staff

Professor Ed Hall
Professor Tim Gruffydd-Jones
Dr Séverine Tasker
Sheena Warman
Angie Hibbert
Christina Maunder
Sophie Adamantos


Dr Emily Barker
Vicky Black
Andrea Holmes
Jenny Reeve
Natalie Watson
Dr Natalie Finch (Wellcome Trust Clinical Postdoctoral Training Fellow)

Residency program

If you are interested in undertaking a residency in this area, please visit the link here for residency options