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Dr Ian Richardson

Dr Ian Richardson

Dr Ian Richardson
BSc(Lond), PhD(N'cle)

Senior Research Fellow

Area of research

Improving meat quality, safety and sutainability

Division of Food Animal Science,
Langford House, Langford BS40 5DU
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+44 (0) 117 928 9291


I have been involved in Meat Research for over 25 years.  My work aims to improve the quality of red meats with particular emphasis on post-slaughter technologies that enhance eating quality such as electrical stimulation, conditioning, composition and packaging systems. Recent work includes the oxidative stability of fat and colour during retail display of omega-3 fatty acid enhanced meats and the role of antioxidants.  EU projects include: Concerted Action on: ‘The very rapid chilling of meat’ Work Package leader for meat quality in Framework V project ‘Healthy Beef’ and I am currently a Work Package leader in Framework VI project ‘Prosafebeef’.  MAFF/Defra projects have included: ‘Upgrading the value of beef forequarter meat’, ‘Improving the flavour of british beef and lamb’, ‘Optimising the eating quality of beef through sustainable livestock production systems’, ‘Healthiness and quality of beef reared on sustainable biodiverse pastures’ and ‘Reducing waste in the beef and lamb supply chains’. ‘Meat eating quality – a whole chain approach for beef, lamb and pork’ was sponsored by the Scottish Government and Industry who are currently sponsoring ‘Research towards an integrated measurement of meat eating quality’. New grants from Eblex will focus on the maintaining merat quality whilst manipulating the rumen to reduce methane production and assessing the effect of growth path and age at slaughter on beef eating quality.  In a Technology strategy board grant with Aberystwyth University and Scotish Rural University Colleges, J Sainsbury, Anglo Beef Processors and Sealed-Air Cryovac we will assess the major factors in beef production, processing and retail distribution which can be manipulated under commercial conditions to optimise meat stability, reduce waste and help with sustainability of the beef supply chain.


Graduated University of London, PhD University of Newcastle upon Tyne.  I was a Project leader, AFRC, Institute of Food Research, Norwich, 1983-1990, before moving with the Poultry Research Group to Bristol and then joined the University upon closure of the AFRC Meat Research Institute as a Senior Research Fellow in the Division of Farm Animal Science

Ihave been a member of and then Head of Meat Science and Safety Group in DFAS for over 20 years researching into effects of production and post-slaughter methods on meat quality, stability and safety.  Current research porjects include reducing waste in the beef and lamb supply chain (sponsored by Defra-link), improving the healthiness of beef and beef products (EU), using a robot to control the measurement of carcass and meat quality at the point of slaughter and to predict future eating quality (SEERAD/QMS) and the use of post-slaughter treatments to improve the eating quality of mutton (Eblex)


Lecture t2nd year BVSc, Unit organiser Animal Management 2.  Co-ordinator of Animal Production and Biochemistry modules on the MSc in Meat Science and Technology, lecture in the Poultry and Meat Processuing Modules.

Supervision of PhD students, MSc student projects


  • Meat
  • Eating quality
  • Texture
  • Fatty acid composition
  • Shelf life
  • Packaging


  • Sensory panels
  • fatty acid analysis
  • Colour
  • Antioxidants
  • Texture

Selected publications

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