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Professor Linda Wooldridge

Professor Linda Wooldridge

Professor Linda Wooldridge
BVSc(Bristol), MSc(Liv.), DPhil(Oxon.)

Chair in Translational Immunology

Office School of Veterinary Sciences, Langford BS40 5DU
Biomedical Sciences Building,
University Walk, Bristol BS8 1TD
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+44 (0) 1173319210



The Wooldridge Clinical T cell lab group which is led by Professor Linda Wooldridge has three main areas of interest, these include;

1. CD8+ T cell mediated conditions such as autoimmunity and T cell leukaemia.


2. Targeting the CD8 co-receptor for therapeutic benefit.

CD8 has a potent ability to tune the antigen specific immune response. As such, we ae investigating the possiblity that targetting CD8 can be used to:

- Block the pathogenic CD8+ T cell attack observed in autoimmune disease and transplant rejection (Mathew Clement).

- Enhance CD8+ T cell immunity especially in a cancer setting where responses are suboptimal (Tamsin Williams). 


Unique Recognition System

CD8+ T cells recognize antigenic determinants in the form of short peptides derived from endogenous peptides bound to MHC class I (pMHCI). CD8+ T cell recognition of pMHCI involves the binding of two receptors (T cell receptor; TCR and CD8) to a single ligand (pMHCI), a modus operandi that is unique to ab T cell biology. Therefore CD8+ T cell activation involves two key interactions:

  1. The TCR/pMHCI interaction: determines antigen specificity. Promiscuity is a characteristic feature of this interaction and it is essential for effective immunity.
  2. The pMHCI/CD8 interaction: has a potent ability to tune the antigen specific immune response by a number of different mechanisms.

 Unique recognition System of the TCR

Figure 1: Interaction between TCR MHCI and CD8

We are interested in understanding both of these interactions and how to manipulate them for therapeutic benefit.

3. Development of technology to study the TCR and CD8 co-receptor. 


Our overall aim is to understand the mechanisms of CD8+ T-cell mediated disease and use this knowledge to develop novel therapeutic reagents. 


Further information about Professor Linda Wooldridge can be found here.


BVSc Veterinary Science

Linda qualified as a veterinary surgeon in 1996 and following several years in clinical practice developed a keen interest in T-cell immunology. In particular, she is interested in understanding the role that T-cells play in response to infection/vaccination and also the mechanisms that underlie T-cell-mediated disease in humans and animals. She was a Wellcome Trust Intermediate Clinical Fellow at Cardiff University from 2006 - 2013; after which she moved to the University of Bristol to take up a chair in Translational Immunology in the Veterinary School.



Veterinary Pathology and Infection and Immunity

Research: Infection and Immunity

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