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Miss Lisa Morgans

Reducing antimicrobial use on UK dairy farms through Farmer Action Groups

PhD student in Reducing antimicrobial use on UK dairy farms through farmer learning groups. Sponsored by AHDB Dairy.

Aim to establish and follow a series of farmer learning groups to disucss, challenge and work out on farm strategies to reduce and rationalise antibiotic use. The groups are baased on the stable school methodology adopted in Denmark and the outcomes of the groups will be used to inform policy. There will also be semi structured interviews of dairy farmers and farm veterinarians to underestand views and ideas on policy making and attitudes to working together in a participatory way to reduce AMR. 

Interested in;

Antimicrobial resistance

Farming, farmer - vet communication

Cattle health and welfare

Sustainable agriculture

Research keywords

  • Antimicrobial resistance
  • Participatory
  • Dairy farming

Research findings

Sponsored by AHDB Dairy and the Langford Trust

Supervisors; Professor David Main, Dr Kristen Reyher


  • AHDB Dairy