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Professor Michael Mendl


I graduated in 1982 with a degree in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University and then stayed on to study for a PhD on mother-offspring relationships and behavioural development supervised by Prof Pat Bateson FRS at the Cambridge Zoology Department's Sub-Department of Animal Behaviour. I completed my PhD in 1986 and was then awarded a Royal Society European Research Fellowship to continue work on behavioural development and individual differences in house mice at Groningen University in the Netherlands. I then returned to Cambridge University and took a postdoc position at the Vet School where I moved into the fields of applied behaviour and animal welfare and was introduced to the intelligence, grace and equipment destroying capabilities of the domestic pig. In 1993, I took up a position as a behavioural scientist at the Scottish Agricultural College in Edinburgh, continuing to work on pig behaviour and welfare, and then moved to Bristol University Vet School in 1997 where I am now Professor of Animal Behaviour and Welfare. and have previously been Head of the Bristol Animal Welfare & Behaviour Group, and Deputy Head of School (Research). At Bristol, my research interests have been in the study of cognition, emotion, development, individuality and social behaviour in domestic animals (pigs, dogs, rats, sheep), with a view to using this information to improve animal welfare, and in more applied animal welfare issues including the relationship between housing and husbandry procedures and the health and welfare of farm and laboratory animals, and understanding abnormal behaviour such as tail-biting in pigs.



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