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Publication - Dr Poppy Statham

    Enhancing collaboration in the UK animal welfare research community


    Mendl, MT, Bennett, R, Collins, L, Davies, AC, Flecknell, P, Green, LE, Hurst, J, Lawrence, A, Statham, PTE & Turnbull, J, 2016, ‘Enhancing collaboration in the UK animal welfare research community’. Veterinary Record, vol 178., pp. 138-139


    THE UK Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) has funded a new Animal Welfare Research Network (AWRN) to bring together animal welfare researchers, those working in related fields and other professionals with an interest in animal welfare, including representatives from industry, charities and government. The core aims of the AWRN are to foster enhanced collaboration within the UK animal welfare research community and other relevant disciplines to: facilitate mentoring and training for early career researchers; seek new ways of supporting welfare researchers at all career stages; encourage interaction between researchers and stakeholders to identify gaps and opportunities for joint-working; and promote the impact of research outcomes. Over £100,000 has been provided by BBSRC to fund the AWRN for three years in the first instance, and it will be managed by a coordinating group of animal welfare researchers led by Professor Michael Mendl from Bristol university.

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