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Mr Rogelio Rodriguez Lopez

Mr Rogelio Rodriguez Lopez

Mr Rogelio Rodriguez Lopez

Senate House,
Tyndall Avenue, Clifton BS8 1TH
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My research is focused on studying the behaviour of wildlife in captivity and providing enrichment opportunities that promote the expression of natural behaviours and engage animals with their surroundings. I am interested in the concept of "challenges" as an enrichment method. 

I am working with a very explorative parrot species: the New Zealand kea (Nestor notabilis). These birds are known for their inquisitive behaviour and absence of fear responses, common trait of many parrots. Kea are known to exhibit abnormal behaviours when housed in captivity.

For my masters dissertation I did an analysis of the behavioural effects of novel enrichment, designed by me, compared against the enrichment rota provided by zookeepers. My conclusions showed a significant decrease in abnormal behaviours when the novel devices were implemented. My current research is focused on whether kea prefer to work for their food (contrafreeloading) and preferences of physical and cognitive enrichment. 




Bristol Veterinary School

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