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Professor Toby Knowles


I was awarded my PhD from the University of Cambridge in 1990 following work with Prof Don Broom to improve the welfare of caged hens. I’m a founding member of the Bristol Animal Behaviour and Welfare Group and I lead a research team that works at the very applied end of animal welfare and animal production. All of my work is carried out with farmers and/or industry with the aim of improving practice. I have researched and published extensively across an unusually wide spectrum of species and subject areas and this work has often had high impact, leading to changes in legislation and practice at an international level. These have included improvements to the legislation and the practices covering the transport of most major farmed species, the housing and husbandry of both laying hens and broiler chickens, on-farm interventions to help control lameness in dairy cattle and the introduction of humane methods of slaughter for farmed fish.