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Unit information: Dental Skills Year 2 in 2016/17

Please note: you are viewing unit and programme information for a past academic year. Please see the current academic year for up to date information.

Unit name Dental Skills Year 2
Unit code ORDS20008
Credit points 30
Level of study I/5
Teaching block(s) Academic Year (weeks 1 - 52)
Unit director Dr. Daud
Open unit status Not open




School/department Bristol Dental School
Faculty Faculty of Health Sciences


This Unit of Teaching takes place in Year 2 and will comprise of the following 2 Elements and their general aims:
Restorative Skills Year 2
Term 2
This element will give undergraduate students knowledge, principles and skills to be able to undertake non-surgical management of patients susceptible to periodontal disease.
Additional aims will ensure that students will develop skills for handpiece manipulation within the oral cavity and learn basic instrumentation techniques for supra and subgingival debridement. They will also become familiar with using indices to record periodontal parameters.
Term 3
To provide students with the biological and clinical knowledge underpinning operative dentistry so that they will have acquired the skills to enable them ultimately to enter the clinical teaching programme.
Additional aims will include that students will develop an understanding of the clinical techniques required in the management of cavities in posterior and anterior teeth and be able to demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of, and competence in, the construction of extra-coronal restorations.
Term 3
Prosthetic skills deals with the replacement of acquired and congenital defects of dental and other orofacial tissues by means of removable prostheses (dentures). In this element of teaching students should acquire sufficient knowledge and skill to describe how dentures are made.
Additional aims will include ensuring that students have a knowledge of the nature and variety of dental prostheses and how these relate to the applied anatomy in relation to prosthetic dentistry.
Applied Dental Materials will be an integrated part of the this element
Dental Pain and Anxiety Year 2: Local Analgesia
Term 2
To produce a student who will have acquired sufficient knowledge and skill to administer local analgesia under supervision

Intended learning outcomes

Restorative Skills Year 2
Students should obtain a knowledge and understanding of the following:
1. Develop skills for handpiece manipulation and basic instrumentation techniques within the oral cavity for periodontology and for operative dentistry and endodontics
2. Understand and be able to apply appropriate charting systems for teeth and periodontal disease.
3. Have a knowledge of the consequences of tooth loss and ways of replacing missing teeth with their relative merits.
4. Be able to describe how removable dental prostheses are constructed and be familiar with laboratory denture construction techniques

Students should acquire the skills and attributes necessary for:
1. Selecting appropriate restorative materials and techniques for the restoration of teeth with all types of cavity.
2. Demonstrating a knowledge and understanding of the principles of crown preparation and impression techniques.
3. Performing adequately the technical procedures involved in the construction of extra-coronal crowns.
4. Describing the progress of caries and relating its progress over time.
5. Applying a problem solving ability to operative dentistry procedures and demonstrating eye to hand co-ordination, mirror vision and control of hand and rotary instruments.
Pain and Anxiety Year 2: Local Analgesia

Students should obtain a knowledge and understanding of the following:
● the technique of infiltration local analgesia and regional block analgesia
● the maximum safe doses of local analgesic agents that should be administered along with the prevention and management of complications of local analgesia
The student should acquire the skills and attributes necessary for:
● using the equipment required to administer local analgesia for dentistry including assembling and dismantling a local analgesic syringe
● the technique of administering an infiltration analgesic and also an inferior alveolar nerve block local analgesia under clinical supervision

Teaching details

Restorative Skills Year 2

  • Didactic lectures
  • PowerPoint presentations, Blackboard
  • Chairside discussion/seminars
  • Demonstrations of the technical procedures
  • Lectures
  • Laboratory demonstrations & practical sessions A self-directed learning handbook is provided to facilitate learning during
  • laboratory sessions. Written material includes E learning tutorials, topic notes and recommended textbooks.

Pain and Anxiety Year 2: Local Analgesia:

  • Lectures including video presentations
  • Demonstrations of the technical procedures

Assessment Details

Restorative Skills Year 2
Formative Assessments
Clinical Competency Assessment in periodontology:
Demonstrating they have sufficient basic skills to carry out a periodontal examination and control ultrasonic instrumentation with good technique, finger rests and seating position.

Summative Assessments:

Year 2 OSCE - This will cover questions in Periodontology, Operative Dentistry, Prosthetic Dentistry, Dental Assisting, Pain and anxiety and communication skills. Contributes 100 % to the Unit mark.

Formative Assessments:

Continuous Simulated Clinical Assessment during the Operative Dentistry teaching.

MCQ’s during prosthetic teaching:

  • Health and Safety
  • Alginate Impression Material
  • Gypsum Materials
  • Dental Aesthetics
  • Articulators
  • Recording Patient Information

Dental Pain and Anxiety Year 2: Local Analgesia

Will be tested as part of the OSCE

Students must achieve 50% of the available marks to pass the Unit.

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