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Unit information: Group Project in 2020/21

Please note: you are viewing unit and programme information for a past academic year. Please see the current academic year for up to date information.

Unit name Group Project
Unit code BIOLM0037
Credit points 10
Level of study M/7
Teaching block(s) Teaching Block 1 (weeks 1 - 12)
Unit director Dr. Paps Montserrat
Open unit status Not open



Scientific programming, Statistics and R.

School/department School of Biological Sciences
Faculty Faculty of Life Sciences


This unit will introduce students to collaborative work in bioinformatics projects. This unit will integrate the concepts and skills learned in the units Scientific programming and Statistics and R, applying them to a biological question that will need to be solved by groups of 3 or 4 students. The students will have the opportunity to plan, develop and implement their different strategies to tackle a scientific problem taking advantage of the modularity of bioinformatics approaches.

The aim of this unit will be to:

1. Provide students with a detailed understanding of the concepts behind designing a modular bioinformatic pipeline to resolve a scientific question.

2. Provide students with the skills required to work in a team environment.

Intended learning outcomes

The Learning Outcomes (LOs) for this unit are:

A: Knowledge and Understanding:

1. to understand the aspects required to effectively design a bioinformatics pipeline.

2. to develop knowledge on the different biological concepts that are the basis of bioinformatic projects.

3. to understand the importance of working in a group environment.

B: Intellectual Skills/Attributes:

1. to devise the best approach to work with modular bioinformatic pipelines.

2. to plan effective strategies to confront independent but interrelated parts of a bioinformatic project

3. to develop effective ways to communicate results of team work.

Teaching details

The unit will be delivered through a mixture of short lectures followed by individual exercises with computers. Blackboard will be used engage students with the unit content.

Assessment Details

A summative computer assessment will consist of a final computer task integrating all the learning objectives.

Reading and References

For each topic, students will be directed to appropriate references from the primary literature. Other references will be chosen by the students.