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Unit information: Advanced Control & Dynamics (UWE, UFME7F-15-M) in 2020/21

Please note: you are viewing unit and programme information for a past academic year. Please see the current academic year for up to date information.

Unit name Advanced Control & Dynamics (UWE, UFME7F-15-M)
Unit code EMATM0031
Credit points 15
Level of study M/7
Teaching block(s) Teaching Block 2 (weeks 13 - 24)
Unit director Professor. Charlie Yang
Open unit status Not open




School/department Department of Engineering Mathematics
Faculty Faculty of Engineering


This unit is provided by UWE.

Enhanced classical control system analysis and design.

Control mathematics, such as matrix algebra, Laplace transform, z-transformer, differential equations, and difference equations, for control system modelling, analysis, and design.

Use of computational packages, such as Matlab, to analyse and design control systems.

Advanced control concepts such state-space representations, solution of state equations, controllability and observability; state-feedback, (pole placement) control design.

Modelling and analysis of multivariable control systems, to convert from the transfer function model to state space representation, and vice versa. Evaluation of dynamic plant performance in aspect of controllability and observability.

Design of multivariable state-feedback controllers, decoupling control systems, state observers.

Digital control system analysis and design with applications.

Intended learning outcomes

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Teaching details

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Assessment Details

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Reading and References

The following list is offered to provide validation panels/accrediting bodies with an indication of the type and level of information students may be expected to consult. As such, its currency may wane during the life span of the module specification. However, as indicated above, CURRENT advice on readings will be available via other more frequently updated mechanisms.

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