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Unit information: New Venture Creation in 2020/21

Unit name New Venture Creation
Unit code INOV30004
Credit points 10
Level of study H/6
Teaching block(s) Teaching Block 2 (weeks 13 - 24)
Unit director Mr. Sam Crawley
Open unit status Not open




School/department Centre for Innovation
Faculty Faculty of Arts


This unit will explain how to set up a new venture, including both commercial entities and social enterprises. It will examine what areas need to be investigated to support the development of a successful and sustainable business model.

The curriculum will develop knowledge in two key areas: internal operating considerations and the impact of the external environment. Analysis of these areas will be used to translate concepts and ideas into attractive and feasible ventures.

In this context, the unit develops students’ understanding of the entrepreneur role, demonstrate a sequence of steps that entrepreneurs undertake, introduce a number of concepts such as risk-taking and the development of robust business plans.

Intended learning outcomes

At the end of the unit, it is expected that students will be able to:

  1. Apply tools, techniques and skills to develop a robust enterprise plan,
  2. Apply and evaluate business models and environments to an enterprise,
  3. Reflect critically on their own entrepreneurial experience creating an enterprise, and
  4. Apply strategic thinking to create a sustainable and successful enterprise.

Teaching details

Teaching will be delivered through a combination of synchronous and asynchronous sessions, including lectures and practical activities supported by collaborative and self-directed learning.

Assessment Details

100% coursework

The unit will be assessed through the submission of an enterprise venture plan.

The written venture plan makes a case for a commercial or social venture at the start-up stage. It will give students a holistic view of being an entrepreneur and its context whilst at the same time developing teamwork and leadership skills (ILOs 1, 2, 3 & 4). This group assessment is worth 100% of the unit marks.

Reading and References

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