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Unit information: Materials Engineering in 2020/21

Unit name Materials Engineering
Unit code MENG20005
Credit points 20
Level of study I/5
Teaching block(s) Teaching Block 4 (weeks 1-24)
Unit director Dr. Peel
Open unit status Not open

Engineering Mathematics 1 (EMAT10100), Materials 1 (MENG11100), or equivalent



School/department Department of Mechanical Engineering
Faculty Faculty of Engineering


This unit builds on the knowledge of materials and their behaviour in structures in the First year and introduces more advanced topics including three-dimensional stress and strain, yield criteria, thin and thick-walled cylinders, material selection strategies, phase diagrams, polymer processing, composite design and techniques to evaluate the sustainability of materials.

Intended learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of the unit students should be able to:

1. Derive material indices for selection and provide sensible material choices under open ended scenarios.
2. Demonstrate an ability to evaluate common processing routes for materials and diagnose failures arising from inappropriate processing. 3
3. Identify key issues affecting the sustainability of materials and how we might mitigate any problems.
4. Able to Solve a wide range of problems in Mechanics of Materials by using suitable theoretical methods.
5. Able to Demonstrate the modelling skills needed to simplify complex mechanics of materials problems such that efficient analysis may be carried out.
6. Able to Specify the assumptions made in modelling and the likely accuracy of calculated results.

Teaching details

Learning material including videos, notes and narrated lectures will be made available to the students online. These will include live online sessions led by teaching staff. Where possible, face to face activities may take place. 

Assessment Details

The unit will be assessed with a single summative examination. Feedback will be provided to students via formative assessment elements during the year.

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