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Unit information: Dissertation project in 2020/21

Unit name Dissertation project
Unit code MENGM0043
Credit points 60
Level of study M/7
Teaching block(s) Academic Year (weeks 1 - 52)
Unit director Dr. Hadi Abulrub
Open unit status Not open

Progress to the Dissertation is governed by the University Regulations and Code of Practice for Taught Programmes, namely that "Progression to the dissertation stage is normally only permitted on the satisfactory completion of the taught component."



School/department Department of Mechanical Engineering
Faculty Faculty of Engineering


In the Dissertation Project, students work individually, although with the possibility of collaborating with coupled projects, to undertake a significant project, and which may be run in association with industrial companies and relevant University research teams.

The projects could encompass one or both aspects of technical elements and business management, although in all cases the business context should be addressed. The technical aspects require the students to integrate and apply the specialist knowledge gained through the taught elements of their programme pathway. The business management aspects require the students to address issues related to the management context of their project.

The precise content of a project will vary between individual students and supervisors. However, the work to be performed will not be repeating known work or techniques. In this way the student(s) will be encountering new challenges and encouraged to seek and propose their own solutions to these challenges and hence demonstrate individual ability.

The project aims to develop and assess students’ abilities to plan, undertake and manage independent engineering with management work, and to communicate the results of that work both orally and in writing to a professional audience.

Intended learning outcomes

On successful engagement with the unit the participants should be able to:

  1. Plan, manage, co-ordinate and execute a dissertation project in the field of engineering with management appropriate for award level.
  2. Develop a detailed project brief, which reflects the requirements of relevant stakeholders.
  3. Conduct a thorough literature review on a specific topic, demonstrating the ability to critically analyse and evaluate the work of others.
  4. Apply research skills and problem-solving abilities to a master’s level
  5. Plan and prepare a concise, written dissertation
  6. Orally present the dissertation work, including handling questions and tailoring specialist knowledge and information to a broader audience

Teaching details

The unit will be delivered through a combination of classroom lectures taught by academic staff and invited guest speakers (subject experts) and supported project and case study workshops in a studio setting. Learning materials will be made available to students in advance via Blackboard.

Assessment Details

  • 80% - Dissertation (research ethics)
  • 20% - Viva (comprehension, data management and record keeping)

Reading and References

Students are advised individually by their project supervisor(s) on appropriate references depending on their choice of project.

Reading and References*

  1. “Research Methods for Business Students” (2015) by Mark Saunders, Philip Lewis, Adrian Thornhill.
  2. “Business research: a practical guide for undergrad. & postgrad. students” (2014) by Jill Collis
  3. “Research design: qualitative, quantitative, and mixed method approaches” (2014) by John Creswell
  4. “Research methodology: a step-by-step guide for beginners” (2014) by Ranjit Kumar
  5. “Research design explained” (2013) by Mark Mitchell