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Unit information: Child Health in 2020/21

Unit name Child Health
Unit code SSCM30004
Credit points 10
Level of study H/6
Teaching block(s) Teaching Block 2 (weeks 13 - 24)
Unit director Dr. Ellis
Open unit status Not open




School/department Bristol Medical School
Faculty Faculty of Health Sciences


This unit aims to develop students’ interest in, as well as knowledge and understanding of:

  • Conditions of global importance affecting children’s health
  • The global burden and causes of child morbidity and mortality
  • Impact of programmes designed to reduce inequalities in child health

Intended learning outcomes

  • Appreciate the factors that have contributed to changes of global burden of child health over time and be aware of the major determinants of child health.
  • Give examples of the practicalities of good perinatal care in poor-income-settings including challenges in HIV prevention
  • Explain the importance of injury in childhood as a cause of mortality and morbidity and discuss the efficacy of accident reduction programmes
  • Understand the importance of nutrition on child health
  • Have knowledge of emerging problem of obesity and be able to discuss causality and the health impacts that arise.
  • Appreciate principles underpinning the Rights of the Child
  • Describe and evaluate global programmes to improve child health such as the Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI).

Teaching details

This unit will be taught in the form of workshops using a variety of teaching methods including lectures, presentations, journal clubs, debates and seminars.

Assessment Details

All students will complete a group presentation during the unit and the summative exam assessment at the end of the unit.

Group assessed presentation or debate - 30%

1 hour examination 70%

Reading and References

  • The latest progress report on child survival from UNICEF can be downloaded from
  • CME Info is a database containing the latest child mortality estimates based on the research of the UN Inter-agency Group for Child Mortality Estimation.
  • State of the World’s Children Reports can be downloaded from
  • The Partnership for Maternal, Newborn & Child Health. 2011. A Global Review of the Key
  • Interventions Related to Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (Rmnch ). Geneva, Switzerland: PMNCH.
  • The Lancet has done a number of Global Health Series relevant to child health. These can be accessed from

Child Health &the Rights of the Child

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Safe Motherhood

WHO reproductive health site + WHO (1999) Standards of midwifery practice for safe motherhood

Please look at this website which graphically depicts the issues

Nutrition Management of the Child with a Serious Infection or Severe Malnutrition (2002): WHO

Perinatal Care

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Childhood injury

WHO website on injuries:

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