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Unit information: Evidence Based Neuropsychology in 2018/19

Please note: you are viewing unit and programme information for a past academic year. Please see the current academic year for up to date information.

Unit name Evidence Based Neuropsychology
Unit code PSYCM0068
Credit points 10
Level of study M/7
Teaching block(s) Teaching Block 4 (weeks 1-24)
Unit director Professor. Kit Pleydell-Pearce
Open unit status Not open




School/department School of Psychological Science
Faculty Faculty of Life Sciences


Students attend peer-delivered evidence-based reviews of the literature linking theoretical issues to applications in neuropsychological practice, and/or critically appraising an aspect of neuropsychological practice on the basis of recent evidence, and/or delivering a case presentation which describes evidence-based assessment of a patient. Students are expected to engage in constructive debate of papers/cases which they observe being delivered by their peers and are also required to give an assessed presentation (30 minutes) and deal effectively with questions from assessors and those posed by peers.

The core of the review will focus upon a specific published neuropsychological paper, or published assessment technique, or experience of a specific patient, or review a clinical case report which focuses upon a single patient. Assessed presentations must also include a thorough critical analysis which draws additional theory and evidence from sources beyond the content of the focus article/patient case review.

Papers for presentation will be selected by the programme team and the choice will be guided by requirements of the BPS syllabus for the Qualification in Clinical Neuropsychological Knowledge Dimension syllabus.

The aims are to assist in the development of (1) critical appraisal skills and appreciation of evidence-based practice within clinical neuropsychology, (2) the development of the capacity for continued self-directed professional development, (3) the development of academic and professional presentation skills via examination of a range of peer-reviewed papers.

Intended learning outcomes

By the end of this unit students will:

  • be able to appraise critically the theoretical and applied literature that is relevant to a discrete area of clinical practice.
  • write and present a clinically focussed presentation of evidence and respond to questions regarding the application to clinical practice. To demonstrate production of independent critical work.

Teaching details

Students must attend presentations provided by their peers and will be expected to make a significant contribution to discussion. Prior to presentations there will be an introduction which provides background concerning the aims and assessment principles that underpin this component. Self-directed learning and independent work will be required utilising existing NHS and academic resources providing guidance on evidence-based healthcare.

Assessment Details

Assessed Presentation (30 minutes) in which delivery, content, capacity to provide satisfactory and knowledgeable answers to questions defines the overall mark awarded. This provides 100% of the final unit mark.

Reading and References