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Unit information: Macroeconomic Theory and Policy in 2021/22

Unit name Macroeconomic Theory and Policy
Unit code ECON30077
Credit points 20
Level of study H/6
Teaching block(s) Teaching Block 2 (weeks 13 - 24)
Unit director Dr. Choi
Open unit status Not open

EFIM20034 Intermediate Macroeconomics AND
EFIM20011 Econometrics 1
EFIM20037 Macroeconomic Analysis AND
EFIM20010 Applied Quantitative Research Methods



School/department School of Economics
Faculty Faculty of Social Sciences and Law


The broad aims of this unit are to extend studentsÂ’ knowledge of macroeconomic theory beyond the second year level, and to explore the implications for current macroeconomic issues - and government policy to deal with them - of recent developments in macroeconomic theory.

The topics covered change each year but they are generally a mixture of new topics and extensions of topics introduced in the first and second years.

Arguments will be explained in lectures using mainly diagrams; the lecturers will supply additional material, including any more technical material, in handouts.

These lecturers' handouts provide the core reading - 'the textbook' - for each topic in the unit. Other readings will include mathematical and non-mathematical alternatives.

Intended learning outcomes

  • Increase the depth and breadth of student understanding of macroeconomic theory
  • Increase student knowledge of current macroeconomic events
  • Increase student ability to use macroeconomic theory to understand and analyse current macroeconomic events

Teaching details

Teaching will be delivered through a combination of synchronous and asynchronous sessions such as online teaching for large and small group, face-to-face small group classes (where possible) and interactive learning activities

Assessment Details

Coursework (essay) (3,000 words). (100%). Assesses all learning outcomes.


If this unit has a Resource List, you will normally find a link to it in the Blackboard area for the unit. Sometimes there will be a separate link for each weekly topic.

If you are unable to access a list through Blackboard, you can also find it via the Resource Lists homepage. Search for the list by the unit name or code (e.g. ECON30077).