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Unit information: Curriculum Research in 2021/22

Unit name Curriculum Research
Unit code EDUCM0074
Credit points 20
Level of study M/7
Teaching block(s) Academic Year (weeks 1 - 52)
Unit director Mrs. Lythgoe
Open unit status Not open




School/department School of Education
Faculty Faculty of Social Sciences and Law


This unit focuses on the theory and research underpinning the practice of teaching and learning in the specialist subject area.

It supports trainees to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to become effective practitioners and encourage them to make informed decisions about their teaching. It will introduce examples of good practice and recent research in their subject discipline.

Subject-based work will model good practice and introduce trainees to a range of research based perspectives to inform the development of their own professional identities. It encourages exploration of various teaching styles and evaluation of their possibilities through personal experience and reference to a range of literature.


This unit aims to:

  • enable trainees to develop a sound research and evidence based approach to their professional practice;
  • offer a range of experiences, both university and school-based, from which trainees can consider their own professional development;
  • present aspects of the basic theory which underpin secondary teaching at subject level and to begin to develop trainees' skills in planning, teaching and evaluating lessons;
  • enable trainees to reconceptualise their subject knowledge so that they can use it effectively in teaching;
  • support trainees in developing the full range of professional skills required of a teacher.

Intended learning outcomes

Upon successful completion of this unit trainees will be able to:

  1. Understand aspects of learning theory relevant to their own subject;
  2. Use research and other professional literature to inform their development as teachers;
  3. Use their subject knowledge effectively to underpin their teaching;
  4. Create effective teaching and learning resources;
  5. Present well structured accounts of their learning within their subject.

Teaching details

The programme lead will introduce the unit, assessment and intended learning outcomes. This be further supplemented by both University and School subject specialists through seminars, observations, workshops and tutorials.

Assessment Details

During the year students will carry out a range of formative tasks designed to develop their teaching skills. They will base a formal assessment on one of these, as appropriate within their specific subject. Because of the different nature of school subjects this will vary, but will be based on practical activities underpinned by research in the appropriate professional literature.

The formal presentation may include:

  • A research seminar presented by the student and documented;
  • A written research-based assignment of about 4000 words;
  • A practical task, supported by documentation of the underpinning research.


If this unit has a Resource List, you will normally find a link to it in the Blackboard area for the unit. Sometimes there will be a separate link for each weekly topic.

If you are unable to access a list through Blackboard, you can also find it via the Resource Lists homepage. Search for the list by the unit name or code (e.g. EDUCM0074).