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School of Economics units in 2023/24

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What do the Levels represent?

What do the teaching blocks (TB) mean?

Unit name Unit code Credit points Open unit status Teaching Block
Economic Data EFIM10016 20 Not open TB-1
Economic Principles EFIM10010 20 Not open TB-1
Economics ECON10001 40 Not open TB-4
Economics 1 EFIM10025 20 Not open TB-1
Economics 2 EFIM10027 20 Not open TB-2
Globalisation and Development ECON10053 20 Not open TB-2
Introductory Economics ECON10004 40 Not open TB-4
Mathematical and Statistical Methods EFIM10008 20 Not open TB-1
Mathematics for Economics EFIM10023 20 Not open TB-1
Mathematics for Economics and Finance ECON10005 20 Not open TB-1
Principles of Economics EFIM10050 20 Not open TB-2
Probability, Statistics and Econometrics ECON10003 20 Not open TB-2
Statistical Methods ECON10006 20 Not open TB-2
The Economy EFIM10026 40 Not open TB-4