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School of Modern Languages units in 2021/22

Please note: you are viewing unit and programme information for a past academic year. Please see the current academic year for up to date information.

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Unit name Unit code Credit points Open unit status Faculty of Arts Category Teaching Block
Beginners Portuguese for Visiting Students UWLP10033 10 Not open TB-1
Beginners Catalan UWLP10025 20 Open TB-4
Beginners French UWLP10001 20 Open TB-4
Beginners French for Visiting Students UWLP10032 10 Not open TB-1
Beginners German UWLP10004 20 Open TB-4
Beginners German for Visiting Students UWLP10027 10 Not open TB-1
Beginners Italian UWLP10014 20 Open TB-4
Beginners Japanese UWLP10012 20 Open TB-4
Beginners Korean UWLP10018 20 Open TB-4
Beginners Mandarin Chinese UWLP10013 20 Open TB-4
Beginners Modern Standard Arabic UWLP10008 20 Open TB-4
Beginners Portuguese UWLP10026 20 Open TB-4
Beginners Russian UWLP10016 20 Open TB-4
Beginners Russian for Visiting Students UWLP10028 10 Not open TB-1
Beginners Spanish UWLP10009 20 Open TB-4
Beginners Spanish for Visiting Students UWLP10034 10 Not open TB-1
City Futures: Migration, Citizenship, and Planetary Change UNIV10005 20 Open TB-2
Classics of European Cinema MODL10010 20 Open TB-2
Comparative Literature: What is it and how can we practise it? MODL10016 20 Not open TB-1
Contemporary European Cinema MODL10009 20 Open TB-1
Intermediate French UWLP10003 20 Open TB-4
Intermediate German UWLP10006 20 Open TB-4
Intermediate Spanish UWLP10011 20 Open TB-4
Introduction to Visual Cultures MODL10018 20 Not open TB-2
Post-Beginners French UWLP10002 20 Open TB-4
Post-Beginners French for Visiting Students UWLP10030 10 Not open TB-1
Post-Beginners German UWLP10005 20 Open TB-4
Post-Beginners German for visiting students UWLP10031 10 Not open TB-1
Post-Beginners Italian UWLP10015 20 Not open TB-4
Post-Beginners Spanish UWLP10010 20 Open TB-4
Post-Beginners Spanish for Visiting Students UWLP10029 10 Not open TB-1