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School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies units in 2018/19

Please note: you are viewing unit and programme information for a past academic year. Please see the current academic year for up to date information.

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Unit name Unit code Credit points Open unit status Teaching Block
Advanced Qualitative Research SOCIM3132 20 Not open TB-2
Advanced Quantitative Methods for Social and Policy Research POLIM0021 20 Not open TB-1
Advanced Quantitative Research SOCIM3133 20 Not open TB-2
Advanced Quantitative Research project SPAIM0039 40 Not open TB-2
Care, Labour and Gender SOCIM0004 20 Not open TB-2
China's International Relations POLIM0023 20 Not open TB-2
China’s Political Economy: Trade and Finance in China POLIM0040 20 Not open TB-2
Climate Change and International Security POLIM0004 20 Not open TB-2
Conceptual Issues in Security, Conflict, and Human Rights POLIM0030 15 Not open AYEAR
Conflict, Security and Development POLIM1007 20 Not open TB-1,TB-2
Consumption, Environment, and Sustainable Development: A Global Sociology of Everyday Life SOCIM0030 20 Not open TB-2
Contemporary Identities and Inequalities SOCIM0015 20 Not open TB-1
Contemporary Sociological Theory SOCIM3101 20 Not open TB-1
Digital Economy and Society SOCIM0031 20 Not open TB-2
Discourse Analysis: Research Methods for Politics and International Relations POLIM3024 20 Not open TB-2
Dissertation SOCIM1000 60 Not open AYEAR
Dissertation CEASM0015 60 Not open AYEAR
Dissertation POLIM1001 60 Not open AYEAR
Dissertation (SWDTC) POLIM0010 60 Not open AYEAR
Dissertation (SWDTC) POLIM0008 60 Not open AYEAR
East Asia and Global Development POLIM0006 20 Not open TB-1
East Asia, Europe and Global Integration POLIM0011 20 Not open TB-2
Environmental Politics POLIM2041 20 Not open TB-2
Ethnic Politics: Approaches and Issues POLIM0036 20 Not open TB-2
European Security POLIM0019 20 Not open TB-2
Europeanisation POLIM3028 20 Not open TB-2
Feminisms and International Relations POLIM3013 20 Not open TB-1
Foreign Policy Analysis POLIM3017 20 Not open TB-2
From Structuralism to Post-structuralism SOCIM0029 20 Not open TB-2
Gender and Development POLIM2032 20 Not open TB-2
Gender, Family and Migration SOCIM0023 20 Not open TB-2
Gender, Masculinity/ies and International Relations POLIM3016 20 Not open TB-2
Global Justice POLIM0005 20 Not open TB-2
Global transformations: Issues and Trajectories POLIM0007 15 Not open TB-1
International Development Organisations POLIM2048 20 Not open TB-2
International Human Rights POLIM3030 20 Not open TB-2
International Political Economy POLIM3015 20 Not open TB-1
International Security POLIM3012 20 Not open TB-1
Interpreting Gender SOCIM3103 20 Not open TB-2
Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods in the Social Sciences SOCIM0013 20 Not open TB-1,TB-2
Introduction to Quantitative Research Methods in the Social Sciences SOCIM0011 20 Not open TB-1,TB-2
Japan and East Asia: Socio-Economic Development POLIM0027 20 Not open TB-2
Mind, body, spirit? Critical approaches to contemporary belief SOCIM0022 20 Not open TB-2
Natural Resources and Sustainability (Bath SP50227) SPAIM0043 15 Not open TB-2
Northern Ireland: A case study in ethno-national conflict and resolution POLIM0031 20 Not open TB-2
Pathway Unit: Supervised Individual Study POLIM1009 20 Not open TB-2
Philosophy and Research Design in the Social Sciences SOCIM0012 20 Not open TB-1
Politics of Disasters POLIM0038 20 Not open TB-2
Religion and Politics in the West SOCIM0006 20 Not open TB-2
Religion, Ethnicity and Value Change SOCIM0010 20 Not open TB-2
Security Governance POLIM1006 20 Not open TB-1
Sino-US Relations in Global Politics POLIM3033 20 Not open TB-2
Supervised Individual Study SOCIM2129 20 Not open AYEAR
Supervised Individual Study SPAIM0038 10 Not open AYEAR
The European Union: Theory and Institutions POLIM3027 20 Not open TB-1
The Middle East in International Relations Theory POLIM0037 20 Not open TB-2
The Politics of (Un)sustainability POLIM0028 20 Not open TB-2
The Politics of HIV / AIDS in Africa POLIM2042 20 Not open TB-2
The Politics of Insecurity POLIM0020 20 Not open TB-2
Theoretical Approaches to Security POLIM0029 20 Not open TB-1
Theories of Development POLIM3018 20 Not open TB-1
Theories of Ethnicity and Racism SOCIM3107 20 Not open TB-1
Theories of International Relations POLIM3014 20 Not open TB-1
Theories of Violence POLIM0018 20 Not open TB-2
Understanding Culture SOCIM0014 20 Not open TB-1
Understanding Popular Culture in/and World Politics POLIM0002 20 Not open TB-2
Understanding Social Movements SOCIM0028 20 Not open TB-2