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Confirmation of Letters Patent of the Society of Merchant Venturers, 1566

Source: Transcribed and annotated by: J. Latimer, The History of the Society of Merchant Venturers of the City of Bristol (Bristol, 1903), pp. 46-7

p. 46

And wee acceptinge and allowinge of the saide Letters pattente aforesaide, and all and euerye thinge in the same conteyned, Doe for us our heires and successours Ratifie and approve the same And to our Welbeloved Thomas Kelke now Maister, Dominicke

p. 47

Chester and Thomas Alder now Wardeyns and to the Commonalty of the Arte or Misterie of Marchante Venturers of our Citty of Bristoll and theire Successours by the tenore of thelse presents Wee doe ratifie and confirme even as the Letters pattente aforesaide doe testifie In wittnes whereof wee have caused theis our letters to be made Pattente Wittnes my selfe at Westminster the eighte day of July in the Eighte yeere of our Raigne (1566).

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