Erasmus and Study Abroad students

Students coming to study at Bristol as part of the University’s Erasmus and Study Abroad programmes can apply for University-allocated accommodation. However you should be aware that there will be very few places available in 2017 and you should also consider renting privately

When you apply for University-allocated accommodation you are able to select two preferred residences that you would like to live in. 

Applications for semester one students are now closed. Application details for semester two students will be published here in November. 

Temporary accommodation for spring semester students

If you will be applying for accommodation for a spring semester study abroad or erasmus, please not there is no break between the end of the first semester and the start of the second semester. Therefore, spring students arrive in Bristol before the autumn students depart. This overlap means that spring students placed in university accommodation may have to move into temporary accommodation for up to eight days while their allocated room is vacated and cleaned. The University will be able to offer some temporary accommodation, details of this will be published on this page when applications open. You do not have to use this service and can arrange your own temporary accommodation. The Accommodation Office cannot allocate places for Spring students until early to mid January.

Living in Bristol

Information about living and studying in Bristol for Erasmus and Study Abroad students.

Erasmus factsheet

Erasmus students can find further advice on renting in the private sector in our Erasmus factsheet (PDF, 353kB).

Accommodation guarantee

Semester 1 Study Abroad students who apply for accommodation before the application closing date of 31 July 2017 are guaranteed an offer of accommodation. 

Erasmus students for Semester 1 are not guaranteed an offer of accommodation, though are still able to apply for University-allocated accommodation. 

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