Data dictionary

Below are links to a) the Data Dictionary and documentation and b) the variable catalogue. The former is recommended for individuals wanting to get an idea of the data we hold. The latter is required for researchers making a formal data request.

To access either of these, click on the link - you will be asked to open or save the file. Please save it. Once download is complete, open the containing folder, right click on the file and unzip the files and folders within.

For the data dictionary, everything is then accessible through the Main page (double click on main page.pdf to open it) by clicking through to the various questionnaires and documents. In order to perform advanced searches (whereby you can search the whole documentation at once for keywords) please read the Guide to indexed searching.

For the variable catalogue, you will see a series of excel spreadsheets which detail the individual variable names and labels grouped according to data source. There is also an example data request to assist you when you make a formal request

Data Dictionary

Variable Catalogue


We collect various scans as part of our regular clinic visits, these include DXAs, MRIs, mammograms, pQCTs, 3D scans etc. We are currently carrying out various quality checks on these, and hope to make them available via the same process as the rest of the ALSPAC data by the end of 2015. If you have a pressing need to have access to them before then please get in contact with before submitting a proposal.