Business and enterprise

The University's links with business and industry are many and varied. The University works in partnership with companies on research projects; it spins out companies from its research; it promotes and teaches entrepreneurship; it devises programmes of study in conjunction with the private sector; it hosts business events through its Conference Office; it offers Continuing Professional Development programmes; and it is a key part of the network of business and other organisations working with the West of England Local Enterprise Partnership to increase the competitiveness of Bristol and the region.

The University is working with government, industry and other partner organisations to encourage the growth of knowledge-based businesses in Bristol. In particular, it has joined forces with the Universities of Bath, Exeter, Southampton and Surrey to establish the SETsquared Partnership to encourage enterprise, build new businesses and work more effectively with industry.

The Division of Research and Enterprise Development works with businesses of all sizes to link them to the research and knowledge capability and expertise of the University, to create a culture of enterprise and open innovation, and to make Bristol a key player in the knowledge-driven economy.

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