Coated droplets hint at formation of early cells

23 April 2014

Researchers at the University of Bristol have designed a chemical system that brings together alternative ideas on how primitive cells were formed on the early Earth to produce a new model of protocell organization. The work is described in an article published this week in Nature Chemistry.

Colloids student receives micro grant to present nano work at Cambridge

11 April 2014

Julia Bartenstein has been awarded a Marie Curie Alumni Association (MCAA) Micro Travel Grant to present her research on interfacial polymersomes in Cambridge.

School of Chemistry launches 'Chemistry Explored' magazine

9 April 2014

The School of Chemistry has launched its very own magazine, Chemistry Explored, a biannual magazine which features contributions from staff and students from the School of Chemistry.

Bristol study shows potential harmful effect of synthetic greenhouse gases

8 April 2014

Study shows that HFC replacements can have harmful effects

Charl Faul awarded adjunct professorship in Beijing

3 April 2014

Charl Faul has recently been awarded an adjunct professorship at the Department of Chemistry, Tsinghua University, by Professor Zhang (Head of the Department of Chemistry and Dean of the Faculty of Science, and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences).

PhD student wins lecture prize

28 March 2014

PhD student Louise Hazeland has won a prize for her lecture at the 11th European Workshop on Phosphorus Chemistry, held in Sofia, Bulgaria in March 2014.