Fee and expense claims

Non-University staff must follow the instructions below on submitting expenses and fee claims as individuals.

University of Bristol employees and those on hourly paid teaching contracts can find information about making a claim on the staff intranet.

Fee claims made by non-staff members

Casual contracts and ad-hoc claims

Individuals engaged by the University of Bristol to carry out casual or ad hoc work must be engaged via the TSS Casual, Academic & Guest (CAG) team. More information on employment via TSS CAG can be found on the TSS website: www.bristol.ac.uk/temporary-staffing.

Claimants will need to be registered with TSS CAG before they can carry out any casual or ad hoc work, and payment will be made via online timesheets authorised by the appointing manager. Expenses can also be claimed via TSS CAG. There are a number of ‘How to’ guides available on the TSS website for claimants.

Claiming fees by self-employed individuals and intermediaries

Individuals who are self-employed or working via an intermediary should follow the following process when claiming payment of fees from the University of Bristol: Check employment status for tax

Detailed notes regarding the payment process can be found in appendix 3 of the guidance at  Employment status for tax

Please contact finance-vat@bristol.ac.uk if you have any questions. Once your employment status has been confirmed the claimant will be given a unique tax reference such that a claim for payment can be made.

Claims by individuals must be made via the TSS CAG team. The claimant must provide the tax reference number to the TSS CAG team before they carry out any work.

Claims by individuals working via an intermediary, where tax is required to be deducted at source must be made using Intermediaries Claim Form. The form must quote the reference number provided to the claimant.

If any of the tax circumstances change, the claimant must notify us by emailing: finance-vat@bristol.ac.uk.

Failure to follow the above process and completing the regular online timesheet will result in a delay in payment.

External Examiner fee claims

External examiners engaged by the University of Bristol Exams Office will be engaged via the TSS CAG team. The External Examiners Fee Claim Form (PDF, 192kB) should be completed and returned in hard copy to Katharine Miller, TSS CAG, University of Bristol, 65 Woodland Road, Bristol BS8 1UL.

Expense claims made by non-staff members

TSS CAG Claims

Claimants paid via the TSS CAG team will be provided with an expenses claim form. Completed forms should be submitted to the TSS CAG team: tss-cag@bristol.ac.uk.

For queries regarding a submitted claim please contact the TSS CAG team.

All other claims

Expense claims can be paid by bank transfer or cheque. To request payment by bank transfer please use the Non-Staff Expense Claim Form - bank tfr (Office document, 46kB). To request a payment by cheque please use Non-Staff Expense Claim Form - cheque (Office document, 46kB). When claiming expenses and fees, please use the applicable Fee Claim Form. Please refer to the sections below for details.

Responsibilities of the claimant:

  • Must ensure they are aware of, and comply with, the Travel and Subsistence policy and associated procedures; 
  • Are responsible for the correctness and completeness of the claim they submit; 
  • Claims should be submitted at the earliest opportunity and no later than 8 weeks after the expense has been incurred;
  • Are responsible for ensuring their travel arrangements are appropriate to business needs; 
  • Should ensure the costs are actually and necessarily incurred on University business; 
  • Should ensure that they do not incur any unreasonable expenses or if so, be prepared to justify such to the Head of School/Division and/or Finance Services; 
  • Should ensure they use the correct rates when making a claim and each claim is supported by receipts; 
  • Should ensure they use the ‘greenest’, most economic and efficient means of transport in the given circumstances.

Please refer to the Travel, Subsistence and Expenses Policy (PDF, 392kB) for details of what items of expenditure can be reimbursed and relevant rates.

Supplementary to the policy is a set of Travel, Subsistence and Expenses Policy: Frequently asked questions (PDF, 409kB).


If your claim has not been authorised please contact the faculty/business unit for queries.

Expense claims

If your claim has been authorised, please contact Accounts Payable.

Fee claims

If your claim has been authorised, please contact Payroll.

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