International Migration Research at Bristol

International Migration Research at Bristol is a network of international migration researchers who share an understanding of migration as both:

  • a processual and multidirectional phenomenon (encompassing immigration, emigration, return and circulation), and
  • an area of discourse and knowledge production which is intimately connected with issues of social justice and the distribution of rights.

Our research focuses on migration to, from and within the UK and Europe, and can be characterised as broadly sociological in nature, with strengths in both qualitative and quantitative methods.

From these core commonalities, the breadth of international migration research at Bristol encompasses many key theoretical and empirical topics in contemporary Migration Studies, including: labour migration; the family, gender and migration; elite and non-elite mobilities; migration policy; transnationalism and diaspora; and the complex of topics surrounding ethnicity, citizenship and integration.

International Migration Research at Bristol is a vibrant community of researchers committed to these and related aspects of international migration. The network of scholars convenes the Migration Research Group, is an active contributor to the Centre of Ethnicity and Citizenship Seminar Series, and organises and hosts other migration related events.

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