TBRC: the advanced in-vivo imaging pipeline

From the Multiphoton Microscope suitable for zebrafish, through MicroPET CT located at Cardiff, to the 3 Tesla MRI at TBRC, the platform enables research scientists to develop and test new treatments in a living host.

This ability to study treatments live generates optimal evidence of outcome while minimising the number of animals needed in research.

The facilities are available to researchers from across the UK either direct or in collaboration.

Please contact tbrc@bristol.ac.uk regarding accessing the Multiphoton Microscope or 3 Tesla MRI and petic@cf.ac.uk for further details regarding the MicroPET CT.

Funded by the MRC in 2015, the Pre-clinical In-vivo Functional Imaging for Translational Regenerative Medicine platform provides state of the art imaging modalities mapped to the translational pipeline.

Professor Raimondo Ascione, Academic Director, TBRC, Academic Director, TBRC

The MicroPET CT, co-located with Cardiff University's Cyclotron and Hot labs, enables research to progress from small to large animal via the Translational Regenerative Medicine Platform.

Professor Chris Marshall, Director of PETIC, Cardiff University

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