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Press release issued: 11 May 2001

See the person, not the pounds

Everyone knows that exercise is good for you. But what are the benefits and is it important to lead an active lifestyle? That is the subject of a free public lecture in Bristol by one of the world's leading exercise scientists.

The lecture, called ' Physical Inactivity: The Major Public Health Problem of the Current Millennium?', will be given by Visiting Benjamin Meaker Fellow, Professor Steven Blair, at 7 pm on Tuesday 15 May in the Reception Room, Wills Memorial Building, Queen's Road, Bristol.

Professor Blair, Director of Epidemiology and Clinical Applications at The Cooper Institute for Aerobics Research in Dallas, Texas, has published more than 250 papers on physical activity and health.

His lecture will focus on evidence that a low level of fitness is a strong predictor of mortality. And that applies to all population groups.

Professor Blair said: "Being active and healthy comes in all shapes and sizes. It is important to stop regarding weight as the be all and end all. "A fat person who is fit is at much lower risk of mortality than people who are thin and unfit."

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