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Happy Birthday

Press release issued: 15 June 2001

Special birthday outing for a special centenarian

A very special visitor is coming to the University's Wills Memorial Building on June 14. He is Mr Harry Patch and his visit is to celebrate his 103rd birthday on June 17.

Harry worked as a labourer on the construction of the Wills Building and remembers being present as the last piece of stone was put in place at the top of the tower. He himself placed a coin under the stone.

Harry was born on 17 June 1898 and was conscripted into the 7th Battalion, The Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry in 1917, serving in the Ypres Salient. He is a survivor of Passchendaele, having been wounded when a shell burst over the heads of his five-man Lewis Gun section, killing three of them.

Sir John Kingman, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Bristol, said: 'We look forward to welcoming Harry Patch back to the University. I hope he enjoys his visit and we wish him a very happy birthday.'

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