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Bristol physicists honoured

Press release issued: 17 September 2002

Media release
Bristol physicists honoured

Two physicists at Bristol University have been honoured by the Institute of Physics in its 2003 Awards for their outstanding contributions to the development, management, understanding and communication of physics worldwide.

Emeritus Professor Michael Springford has been awarded one of the Institute's three Premier Awards, the Guthrie Medal and Prize, for his contributions to the study of electronic properties of condensed matter.

Professor Springford has established experimental techniques involving very high magnetic fields and extremely low temperatures, which he has used to study the electronic properties of metals, most recently the relationship between superconductivity and magnetic field. In addition to his achievements in condensed matter research, he has contributed much to the wider scientific community. Recently, he organised and edited a special volume of original scientific papers marking the centenary of the discovery of the electron.

Dr Peter Barham has been awarded the Kelvin Medal and Prize for his innovative public activities promoting physics.

Dr Barham has inspired thousands of people with his creative approach to science communication. His lecture topics include chocology (emulsions and composite materials), ice cream (thermodynamics) and passion for penguins (heat transfer and thermal insulation). He has been giving about 50 talks a year for over a decade, mostly in his spare time, as well as being involved in organising public events, writing a book called The science of cooking and regularly writing for newspapers.

Professor John Steeds, Head of the Department of Physics, said: "This is a terrific achievement by Michael and Peter. Our congratulations to them on this very considerable recognition for their research."

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