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Shopping with science

Press release issued: 13 March 2002

Shopping with science

An estimated 100,000 people will 'shop with science' on March 15 and 16 when Bristol University moves out of the laboratory and into The Galleries in Broadmead for Science Alive! The event is the University's contribution to National Science Week - an annual event arranged by the British Association for the Advancement of Science to increase public understanding of science.

People of all ages will be able to see humans trapped inside mega-bubbles or make plaster-cast dinosaur bones. There will be 15 interactive displays, providing fun for the public and helping to illuminate aspects of science, medicine, engineering and technology.

The event will also get across the message that the University is engaged in a wide range of world-class research and that the local community is welcome to share its discoveries. The displays will include:

Dinosaurs on the Downs People will be able to see bones from Thecodontosaurus, a dinosaur which roamed Bristol over two hundred million years ago.

Journey to the centre of the Earth People can find out what the Earth is made of, and about the chemistry going on beneath the deep crust.

Birds see more colours than humans This display will illustrate research which shows that birds can see light and colours to which humans are blind. Birds use this powerful visual sense when making their choice of mate and when finding food.

Biomimetics Biological structures such as teeth, bones, butterfly wings and spider silk all have extraordinary material properties. This display will show how scientists are adapting these principles to make new materials.

Dr Bill Boyd, Dean of Science, said: 'Bristol is among the very top rank of research universities worldwide.

'This is a great opportunity for the local community to see the University's excellent research in science, medicine and technology and to interact with the exhibits.'

For more information contact Dr Kathy Sykes, Co-ordinator on 07950 484555 or Joanne Fryer, Press Officer on 928 8896.

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