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Richard Buxton leads on major classics reference work

Professor Richard Buxton

Professor Richard Buxton

16 August 2006

Professor Richard Buxton of the Department of Classics and Ancient History has been elected President of the LIMC Foundation.

As President, Professor Buxton will take forward the work of the Lexicon Iconographicum Mythologiae Classicae (LIMC) – or the ‘Iconographical Lexicon of Classical Mythology’. LIMC is regarded by many as the most important reference work of classical scholarship to be published in the past 50 years, documenting and illustrating (in 18 volumes so far) the ancient artistic representations of classical mythology, such as statues, vases, paintings, temples, coins and metalwork.

Its offspring, Thesaurus Cultus et Rituum Antiquorum (or ‘Thesaurus of Ancient Cult and Ritual’), known as ThesCRA, is a similar reference work on ancient religious and ritual practices (five volumes so far).

The main projects for which Professor Buxton is responsible are:

  • a printed supplement volume to LIMC;
  • the digitisation and online publication of the archives of the LIMC Foundation, including material for both LIMC and ThesCRA;
  • the preparation of further volumes of ThesCRA.

The LIMC Foundation is an international organisation formed in Geneva in 1972. It has been located in Basel since 1983. It has formal links with, and delegates from, 38 countries by virtue of their holdings of classical material and/or their being topographically part of the ‘classical world’.  A particular feature of LIMC/ThesCRA is its multilingual character: entries are in any one of four languages (English, French, German, Italian), while it is envisaged that the LIMC online archive will be accessible in many more languages, including Arabic, Greek and Japanese.


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