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Centenary crossword: the four cornerstones (by ESROM)

22 May 2009

The winner of the University's centenary crossword competition is Jonathan Crowther, who lives in Oxford. His prize is a £100 book token.

The University commissioned a crossword as part of the celebrations of its centenary. The puzzle was published in the University’s 300-page centenary book – 100: A collection of words and images to mark the centenary of the University of Bristol and on the centenary website.

The sender of the first correct solution (with the four cornerstones identified) received at the University by 1 May 2009 and subsequently drawn from the hat by the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Eric Thomas, was Jonathan Crowther, who lives in Oxford. His prize was a £100 book token.

The opportunity to win a prize may have passed, but you can still try your hand at the puzzle.

The solution to the crossword and the setter’s accompanying notes are also available.

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