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£380,000 for research into the foundations of structuralism

9 October 2009

A grant worth around £380,000 has been awarded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) to Professor James Ladyman of the Department of Philosophy for a three-year project on The Foundations of Structuralism.

The project aims to integrate work in philosophical logic, mathematics and physics concerning the nature of objects and individuality.  It builds on existing research in the Department and many ongoing informal projects including a recent seminar series on category theory and set theory.

The grant includes funding for two doctoral studentships, one in philosophical logic and the other in philosophy of physics.  Two large conferences and four workshops will also take place during the project.

This AHRC award is one of many recent grant success in the Department of Philosophy which include £550,000 from the AHRC for a three-year project on 'Evolution, Co-operation and Rationality' led by Professor Samir Okasha with Professor Ken Binmore of the Department of Economics; $50,000 for Dr James Doyle’s Visiting Fellowship at the Institute for Advanced Studies, Princeton; £26,000 under the AHRC Research Leave Scheme for Dr Giles Pearson’s work on Aristotle and Desire; and £31,000 from the British Academy and Leverhulme Trust for Professor Chris Bertram.

Other research projects in the Department include the AHRC Metaphysics of Science project, with centres in Bristol, Birmingham, and Nottingham, which is conducting research into the most general conceptual and metaphysical foundations of science; the CONTACT: ESF/AHRC project: on Consciousness in Interaction: The Role of the Natural and Social Environment in Shaping Consciousness; and the Territory and Justice Network, funded by the AHRC and the Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences, which aims to develop a bi-lateral network of Irish and UK researchers on the topic, 'Theories of Territory: Resource Rights, Global Justice, and Self-Determination'.

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