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Prizes add up for mathematicians

4 July 2012

Three academics in the School of Mathematics have won prestigious prizes from two major learned societies for mathematics.

Dr Corinna Ulcigrai has been awarded a European Mathematical Society prize for advancing understanding of dynamical systems and the mathematical characterisations of chaos, and especially for solving a long-standing fundamental question on the mixing property for locally Hamiltonian surface flows.

Professor Andreas Winter is awarded a Whitehead Prize from the London Mathematical Society (LMS) for his major contributions to key areas of quantum information theory. Professor Trevor Wooley, FRS has been awarded the LMS Froehlich Prize for his work in analytic number theory, and in particular his spectacular advances in the study of Waring’s problem on representing integers as a sum of kth powers.

Bristol’s mathematicians have an impressive record in scooping LMS awards: last year Professor Jon Keating, FRS won the Froehlich Prize, and Professor Jens Marklof and Dr Harald Helfgot won Whitehead Prizes. Dr Tim Browning and Dr Nina Snaith have also all won Whitehead Prizes in recent years.

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