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Arthritis awareness in cats and dogs

Press release issued: 13 August 2012

A free event next week by the University's School of Veterinary Sciences will highlight arthritis in cats and dogs and treatments available.

A free event next week will highlight arthritis in cats and dogs and treatments available.  The talk, Arthritis awareness, organised by the Small Animal Practice at the University of Bristol’s School of Veterinary Sciences, will take place on Tuesday 21 August at 7 pm in the Hodgkin Lecture Theatre, Pearson Building, Langford.

The talk will cover what is arthritis and treatments available, such as acupuncture, joint supplements, mobility clinics, medication and physiotherapy.

Arthritis affects the smooth cartilage of the joint, which is the covering of bone in the joints that is responsible for the smooth, non-painful motion of joints. When it becomes worn, raw bone surfaces become exposed and rub together. It can occur over a lifetime of wear or as a result of injury.

The most common form of arthritis is degenerative osteoarthritis, which can be primary, where the cause is not known, or secondary, caused by conditions such as hip dysplasia or injuries.

Dr Jo Murrell and Gwen Covey-Crump, from the University’s Vet School, who will be giving the talk, said: “A balanced diet and weight control are vital in the management of arthritis in pets. In many cases, regular exercise is also important.”

To book a place at the talk, contact the Small Animal Practice on tel 01934 852422.

The Small Animal Practice is run by Langford Veterinary Services Ltd, a totally owned subsidiary of the University of Bristol.


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