Archive record only - BEELAB ceased operation 17/04/2018

Bristol Earthquake and Engineering Laboratory Ltd (BEELAB), wholly owned by the University, has been established to exploit University expertise in earthquake engineering and promote collaboration with industry. Drawing on staff and equipment from the Earthquake Engineering Research Centre and Department of Civil Engineering, BEELAB offers advanced technical skills and resources to solve complex problems in earthquake engineering and structural dynamics. Examples have included the analysis of several major dams (e.g. the Victoria Dam in Sri Lanka), several major bridges (e.g. the 3km Straits of Messina suspension bridge), nuclear installations, hospital complexes and large chimneys. Seismic qualification tests on mechanical equipment can be carried out in the laboratory, whilst dynamic measurements (impact analysis and in situ monitoring) on full scale structures can be undertaken as part of integrity and safety assessments. BEELAB is administratively independent of the University, operates a professional Quality Assurance system and has been approved by British Nuclear Fuels Plc, Nuclear Electric Ltd and the Property Services Agency.

Contact: Professor Colin Taylor, Department of Civil Engineering