Careers paths and graduate destinations

This programme is designed for students who want to pursue careers in research, public health policy, public health consultancy, public health advocacy and legislation and in implementing programmes that promote health. Employers of our graduates include the public sector (e.g. local authorities, County Health Departments, Public Health England, National Health Service), Universities and academia, charities and non-profit organisations (e.g. McMillan Cancer Support, Public Health Agencies), and the private sector (e.g. the food industry, corporate wellness organisations).

A wide range of careers is offered by these employers, and, among others, our students go on to become: public health project officers; researchers; health promotion specialists; public health scientists; public health data analysts and evidence reviewers; lifestyle managers; nutrition, physical activity or fitness/exercise education coordinators in research- or community-based programmes; public health and policy consultants; community sports managers; health trainers; health improvement and wellness programme officers and practitioners; health services managers; public health science communicators (e.g. in government or journalism).

The programme also has a professional development focus and can enhance the practice and delivery of working professionals, such as dieticians, physiotherapists, nurses, kinesiologists, physical trainers or teachers. Some of our graduates also successfully pursue PhD studies either within the Centre for Exercise, Nutrition and Health Sciences, the University of Bristol more widely (e.g. the Bristol Medical School and the School of Experimental Psychology) or other institutions.

The latest statistics show that 83% of our MSc NPAPH graduates are in full-time and 17% in part-time, employment.

Take a look at how the skills our students obtain in the MSc in Nutrition, Physical Activity and Public Health match with employers' expectations: NPAPH employability table (PDF, 233kB)

Volunteering opportunities to gain vocational experience during your MSc studies

Gaining vocational experience and work-based learning related to nutrition, physical activity and public health is an important opportunity on the course. We provide our students with the opportunity to obtain meaningful work experience, driven by ‘real world demand’, in collaboration with our network of public health professionals and organisations. These opportunities help our students develop transferable, ‘on the job’, employability skills, particularly with regards to management, organisation, leadership, team working, managing change and healthcare appraisal.

Some of the vocational opportunities we offer include:

  1. Outreach public health projects such as Fab Kids.
  2. Bristol community projects such as the Square Food Foundation.
  3. Community projects within the University of Bristol Sport, Exercise and Health Centre.
  4. Nutrition initiatives within the National Health Service.

Our graduates

You can read some of our students' testimonials below and also have a look at our video channel, including interviews with current students.

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