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Committee 2006-2007

This is the Explorers Committee of 2006-2007 – please follow the link if you need to contact the current committee.

Photo of Alex Name: Alex Webb
Position: President
Does: Ph.D. Laser Chemistry
Photo of Sian Name: Sian Ng
Position: Vice-President
Does: Law (Postgrad conversion)
Photo of Fred Name: Fred Dulwich
Position: Treasurer
Does: Ph.D. Astrophysics
Photo of Sarah Name: Sarah Addington-Hall
Position: Assistant Treasurer
Does: Dentistry
Photo of Claire Name: Claire Jones
Position: Secretary
Does: Chemistry
Photo of Georgina Name: Georgina
Photo of Lizzie Name: Lizzie Samuel
Position: Publicity Officer
Does: Veterinary Science
Photo of Jenny Name: Jenny Gaudion
Position: Equipment Officer
Does: Maths
Photo of Alex Name: Alex Mason
Position: Transport Officer
Does: Software Engineering
Photo of Emma Name: Emma Richardson
Position: General Assistant
Does: Ph.D. Physiology

Participation Statement: As part of the British Mountaineering Council, members of the Explorers Club must understand that club activities may involve an element of risk in remote environments where medical/emergency services may not be immediately available. It is your responsibility to understand the exact nature of any activities you undertake and to bring suitable personal equipment.