In October 2007, after initial European Union funding, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation awarded the University of Bristol a grant to research and develop a user-friendly, low-cost water quality test that can be used on-site in developing country field conditions and to prepare for the future introduction of the test in developing countries.  This includes identifying suitable partners to take the product to market.

Aquatest does something that has never previously been possible.  It provides users with actionable information on water contamination levels, taking reliable quantitative water testing out of the lab and direct to the water source - without huge cost or effort.  You do not have to be highly skilled to use it, it is not expensive to deploy and it does not involve days or weeks or complex lab processing to deliver accurate results, when and where they are needed.

How it works

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    Following successful Early Adopter pilots, the Aquatest system is now ready for commercialisation.

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