Information for current students

The University of Bristol student website is a great place to start for the wide range of support available (including MyBristol Portal, wellbeing, study support and information for new and returning students).  See also Quicklinks for more general University information.

General faculty information

Taught student information

Current taught students will find day-to-day information on Blackboard (eg timetables).

Postgraduate research information (SharePoint intranet)

Department student intranets - Please see your organisation on Blackboard.

Faculty undergraduate prizes

Hele Shaw Prize: £50 (6 Awards Available)

Funded by the Society of Merchant Venturers, this is awarded to the student in their Final Year in any Department with a good academic or social record not otherwise covered.

Wertheimer Memorial Prize: £50 (6 Awards Available)

Funded by the Society of Merchant Venturers, this is awarded to a Final Year student who is considered to have made the best contribution to the life of the Faculty and of their fellow students.

Prize Studentships

Awarded to students in their first and second years' of study (but are not graduating in the following year) who gain the top year mark in their department (for this purpose Engineering Design is included as a "department").  A second year student who won the prize in their first year will not be eligible to win again in their second year.  The prize is to undertake a project placement (studentship) with an academic supervisor in the summer vacation following the student's next year of study, for which they will be paid £250 per week.  The standard length of the studentship will be 8 weeks, but can be shortened to 6 weeks if the student requests this.

3rd year MEng Prize: £250 (10 Awards Available)

Awarded to the ten 3rd year MEng students who achieve the highest third year marks across all the programmes in the Faculty.

Department prizes can be found via the links below:-

Past papers

Bound copies of past examination papers are available in the Queen's Building Library and in the Main Arts & Social Science Library on Tyndall Avenue. These copies are available for reference only, although photocopies may be taken.

Departments may choose to make solutions available to students for learning purposes, but individuals within Departments may choose not to do so in order to prevent the mere regurgitation of formulaic solutions to generically similar and familiar questions. However, numerical answers will be given where applicable so that students can see if they have obtained the correct answer.  Solutions are not available in the Libraries.

Past examination papers and available solutions for papers can be found on Blackboard. 



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